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Come Back

Come Back - A fictional short story.


Edition 179

Almost one year has passed to his death but she is unable to come out of the void his absence has created in her life. It was not just two months of marriage they had spend together but five years of friendship before taking the decision to marry. They knew each other more than themselves and during the years they study together and then work together their compatibility was noticed by all.

‘O god give why did you this to me.’ She curse god again that day also while returning from the work. She has adjusted to her life but couldn’t get over his memories working in the same place they used to work together. ‘Do you want to bring him back,’ she heard a voice from behind but when she turned back no one was there. She walked in the direction of the voice. The voice came several times without anyone around who was speaking those words and that voice took her to the deserted place behind her office road.

‘Come here’ she heard from trees’ behind and saw a hermit sitting there. He indicated her to sit opposite him. ‘I have heard you cursing god for snatching your husband from you.’ He said politely after opening his eyes. ‘Yes,’ she cried,’ HE is cruel to me.’ He listened to her carefully and then spoke,’ see god always has a plan for us but even than I can bring back him so that you can meet him.’ She smiled and was ready for this to happen.

He started some chanting and stopped, ‘before I can do this I wants to tell you something,’ she nodded. ‘You were promoted only after the death of your husband because he delayed it as he wanted you both promoted together. He died of a car accident but if that didn’t happen he soon would suffer a fatal cardiac arrest. Moreover he came back to you only for a short time and that pain of separation which has eased now will be fresh again.’ She listened in shock and even confirmed promotion news from her office. ‘You detached from the world and its people to forget instead you keep him with yourself to live life to its fullest. Don’t go away from him in order to forget him just keep him closer and start a fresh life with him. This will help you to grow further and not stop you to live.’

Those words have magical effect now she doesn’t want to leave his memories but to live his memories with new memories she would make in her life. Calling him back and then separating from him would hurt her more. She now lives a happy life. 


  1. it is said death is eternal but one has to move on with life keeping the memories. painful.

  2. Its lovely. How we have to keep our faith in God during testing times. God has his own plans.


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