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Stand Still

Stand Still

I am a bit lazy in a sense that I don't bother to spend time on things like hair cutting,shaving to enhance my looks and that put me in strange conditions many times. My mother,sisters,brother,sister in law all insists me to shave daily but I prefer to avoid their angry looks and commands,they give me examples of other boys of my age who are regular visitors of men's salon and one can hardly see them in beard and moustache. They said that my stubble and unkempt  look present me older than my age and that it made me look dirty.

One day I went to a salon for hair trimming and shaved off my beard and moustache after about a month when I returned home my niece who is only one and a half years older was playing with her toys. Usually she ran towards me when I call her but that day my clean shaven look bowled her over , she stand still and didn't come to me instead hide herself behind her mother. I don't know she was shy or afraid of me. After a while she recognized me then came to me and kissed on my cheek which she used to avoid due to my heavy beard.Since than my habits have not changed but now I shave quite often to not to shock her again.

I am accepting Sarav's  tag and writing this post in response to the same. I would like to tag Sivakartik,Jahid , A Rat and Bushra M

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


  1. Kids do that. They love clean shaven look. This is a super post. May you win for writing this one. Thanks for accepting the tag :) :) :)

  2. lol so your niece made you to change your lazy routine. interesting one. and thanks for tagging me.. will try to write something :)

  3. Very well written. Nice entry for the contest, liked it !!

  4. I have accepted your tag Cifar. check my post here...


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