Burning Bengal

Burning Bengal 

Not only in Malda but now in Basirhat also. 

When the nation is in a fix with its relations with China the home is also not right as Bengal is burning from two sides. You can say that I am picking the topic late but I don’t want to spread the rumor without confirming all the sources which is giving news information. Here I should mention that don’t overreact on social media hypes until news are coming from authentic news agencies.

Basirhat communal violence which triggered with a controversial Facebook post by a class 11th student took an ugly turn when Muslim mobs started vandalizing properties of the Hindus but this is only the half story. The calm which prevailed after Thursday is revealing the story that many Muslims saved their Hindu friends and neighbors by confronting the mob. Hindu-Muslim groups are now helping those who have financial losses in shops/business to stand again by helping them with money (Read Indian Express front page of 9th July 2017). Locals knew that mob that attacked in their area were from outside which indicates a plan, a propaganda behind these riots.

On the second front i.e. Gorkhaland agitations demands for a new state are rising in Darjeeling and other areas which are leading to violent protests. The protesters are not listening to Bengal government but are keen on talking to the central government. Looking at the role of BJP MPs and MLA in igniting both the situation is giving doubt of their hands in disturbing the situation in Bengal to form a ground for their entry in the areas politics after dividing the society. Communal clashes were prevalent both in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar before election time in those states. While Bihar denied their divisive politics Uttar Pradesh accepted them with majority. It should also be noted that Uttarakhand from UP, Jharkhand from Bihar and Chattisgarh from MP were carved out during NDA rule under Atal Bihari Vajpayee and all these newly formed states are ruled by them for a long time now.

Gorkhaland agitation could be seen on that basis. I appeal the people of the country to grab information from various sources before forming an opinion on situation in Bengal. Don’t fall trap to social media trolls. Those behind the riots must be arrested without any discrimination of religion and bias towards anyone. Central government should also intervene in the situation by appealing the people to calm in Gorkhaland and to live with peace in Basirhat. Before Basirhat another Muslim dominated Bengal area ‘Malda’ were also burned in the communal violence. The pictures used by BJP channels to show Bengal situation are come out that of 2002 Gujarat riot thus unmasking their real face. It must be noted that these towns remained calm during tough times of Babri demolition riots. These riots and Gorkhaland clashes perhaps be part of bigger propaganda as some similar patters are involved in them.

So keep yourself safe. Good bye till next post.  

Naive Traveler : Delhi Darshan # 4

Naive Traveler : Delhi Darshan # 4

Inside ruins at Tughlaqabad Fort

Delhi as we all know is habitat and destroyed several times in different eras since it always remained the central city for each empire. As a result of these variant rulers from ancient times to the British era, Delhi enjoys the status of being witness to their grandeur and glory. Thus we the people of modern day India are privileged to see and feel that aura and ambiance. This was my fourth trip of sightseeing in Delhi and believe me I need many more days to explore the Delhi to its fullest. 

This time I chose the places known for its haunted experiences like Bhooli Bhatiyar, Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Rajon Ki Baoli in Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Giyas-ud-Din Tughlaq Tomb  and Tughlaqabad Fort. The scorching heat of next day of heat digested all our energy so we also visited Indira Gandhi Memorial an all air conditioned museum which rejuvenated us. Since it was not far from Safdurjung Tomb we also give a visit to that place also. 

Now talking about my haunted experience I feel none at any place. Nor any Djins in Feroz Shah Kotla, Tughlakabad Fort neither in any other place. But there was an experience which all four of us believe was an encounter with ghosts. In Bhooli Bhatiyar area when the main fort was close for renovation we went ahead to a deserted cinema hall in that area which a guard told is haunted with ghosts. There while asking the way to that place we saw five kids who told us to go ahead on the road to see that place. We are in an auto in which they also wanted to sit because they were going to the same place but we refused them because we didn’t have space to accommodate them. When we went to the place they told we saw nothing and we came back on the same route this time no children were standing there. Neither they encountered us on the way back nor did we spot them around that place. 

I don’t know but they were ghosts or not but that was a mysterious incident. Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Tughlaqabad Fort should be lighted and water/toilet facilities should be available in that place. Bhooli Bhatiyar in Karol Bagh is a deserted place which you can go with friends for some haunting experiences but not a place to visit with family or girlfriend/boyfriend. Tughlaqabad Fort is ruined and crumbling lacking facilities for tourist/visitors. It also needs a renovation so that coming generations can see this. I am sharing some of the pictures of these areas.

Bhooli Bhatiyar Fort under renovation currently. 

It was around that area we saw those children.

Pictures of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Pyramid Structure with pillar on top. This structure is thought to be habitat by Djins. 

Mosque inside the fort

Indira Gandhi Memorial.

Indira Gandhi's cloth worn at time of her assassination.

Rajiv Gandhi's cloth worn during his assassination. 

The way where Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her guards.
Safdarjang Tomb

Mehrauli Archaeological Park  (MAK)

Unknown Tombs at MAP

Rajaon Ki Baoli

Side lane at Rajaon Ki Baoli 

Another Unknown Tomb at MAK

Tughlakabad Fort & Giyas-ud-Din-Tughlaq Tomb 

Giyas-ud-Din-Tughlaq Tomb

Lynch Raj

Lynch Raj

An aged man keeping meet in home, a milkman transporting cattle for milking, rumors of child kidnapper, a policeman conducting his duties or you just innocent Muslim boys going home for Eid, this give enough reason to criminal mobs to lynch innocents without any respect and fear for the law. From last three years since the Modi government came in power these lynching of innocent people by mob has increased manifolds many of which are conducted by radicalized Hindu youths in the name of protecting ‘Mother Cow’ and their tradition forgetting about innocent humans they have killed in this process. Latest incident happened with three Muslim brothers going home in a train from Delhi to Mathura after Eid shopping in Delhi.
A group of 10-12 men between 7-8 pm attacked them and stabbed one Junaid to death while two others are battling for life in Delhi hospital. The brutality with which they were attacked and the hatred filled in the criminal mob can be judge by seeing the blood painted compartment of the train they traveled. Yesterday a lynching incident also happened in Kashmir when Mohammad Ayub Pandit a police officer with J & K police lynched by the mob when he opposed protesters & stone palters. J & K which says itself different from mainland India shows similarity with rest of India with this lynching incident. Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, Jharkhand or wherever these incidents take place the state as well as central government neither condemning it strongly nor taking strong actions against the accused as a result they are becoming more and more dangerous. 

Nothing could be more condemnable than the attack on innocent people whether it’s Mohammad Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan or Una Dalits their identity as Indians were questioned in these attacks. PM of India is showing dreams of New India to its billions of population; I just want to ask him, is the new India he is boosting filled with anger and frustration enough to kill innocent people? Are the blood stained hands requisite to enter this new India? If not then he should broke his silence on these issues. India has a rich heritage and tradition one regime can’t curb it but can disturb it for the time being. The Us versus Them mentality has creating animosity between the communities and the castes resulting in nothing but hatred and as we know hatred must bring hatred not love. People must use their conscience to tackle these emotional issues used to instigate to kill eachother. We are not criminals so we must work to stop this #LynchRaj. 

India Versus Pakistan: A Battle?

India Versus Pakistan : A Battle?

When it is India versus Pakistan in Cricket arenas the sports become more a battlefield than a game and the most of the credit to this scene should be given to our news channel who hold panel discussions in the name of ‘Battlefield, The Big Game, Maha Muqabla’ Sabse Bada Muqabla’ etc. The debate in these programs of both the nations have praises for their country and instigation of animosity for the opponent in a way that people watching it started looking it as personal win or defeat. 

When India lost to Pakistan on 18th June 2017 in ICC Champions Trophy Final these channels who first adored Team India started abusing and demeaning the player. The reactions on social media are more heart breaking. People who are feeling hard to congratulate team Pakistan stoop so low to blame team India and Captain Viarat Kohli for fixing the match. The father –son joke remained in circulation throughout these three days of final (two break days plus one final day) which was not in good taste and can hurt people of an independent nation. 

The personal relations of India with Pakistan are always brought up in the game. The way politicians and government politicize the issue game has also become part of warring strategies. This if happens with all sports can be digested but it only happens with Cricket which many in India has followed like a religion. Pakistan’s victory later becomes more distasteful when some people unnecessarily started blaming Indian Muslims for celebrating the Pakistan’s victory. It did happen in part of Kashmir (reasons best known to government) but no such incident came out from rest of India. 

India’s cricket defeat made people forget two special victory’s on the same day, one of India’s hockey team’s victory against Pakistan in International Hockey League and another of Srikanth Kadambi’s win in Indonesia Open 2017. I am not against people loving sports but I am against undue importance to one game and neglecting others also game should be treated as game and not war. Till next post God bless Indian Sports

Mehnat Karne Wale!

Mehnat Karne Wale!

There is an old Hindi song from the movie Mazdoor(1983) which says ' Hum Mehnatkash Is Duniya Se Jab Apna Hissa Mangenge, Ek Baagh Nahin Ek Khet Nahin Hum Saari Duniya Mangenge'  it means that working class if ever ask for its share from the world then it wouldn't be just a garden or a field but the whole world. It in simple language implies that the world is created by working class and they have complete right on each and every thing. This song resonates in my mind yesterday (6th June 2017) when I watched the news of farmers killing in Madhya Pradesh's Mandsaur who are protesting for increase in MSP (Minimum Support Price) which is less than their actual cost of production. 

At least 6 farmers killed in this police firing and many injured. I didn't understand why the need for firing on farmers arise who were protesting for their rights. We say that farmers are important to us because they provide us food but in the name of facilities to their service to nation governments have given them nothing. Farmers' suicide is at all time high. In last three years of Modi government it has increased up to 40% in spite of various promises like increase in MSP by this government. Unless these announcements on rallies become reality on papers nothing could help the farmers. The middle class the so called lifeline of the country who feel like fighting on borders in case of killing of soldiers didn't feel the boil in their blood in the case of farmers killing. 

The unrest in farmers is not new. It was constant in all governments in last fifteen years with around 234642 farmers suicide in India highest in states of Maharshtra (56215), Madhya Pradesh (19278) and Chattisgarh (16153) two of these states (MP and Chattigarh) are ruled by BJP in these fifteen years. Don't we have concern for our farmers? Didn't we at the time of framing policies consider farmers first? If not then it's a serious issue because we don't have either a second option for their employment and the country where unemployed are increasing alarmingly creating more unemployed will double the problem. 

I strongly condemn these farmers killing in Mandsaur and appeal the governments for loan waiver. If Uttar Pradesh can waive off farmers' loan then why not these states which are also ruled by BJP. Media houses which are ignoring such important issue should introspect on their credibility. Licking government boots will only instill misinformation in minds of the people. I also like to appeal citizen of this country to make your opinion about an issue by collecting information from different sources rather than depending on one channel or newspaper or social media. Till next post God Bless India. 

World Environment Day

World Environment Day 

A day is dedicated to think and take care of the environment. But it is not a one day task and need our continuous efforts to reuse, reduce and recycle.  From past more than 100 years we forget about the environmental changes and damages due to our unplanned growth models as a result of which we are now experiencing global warming which are shrinking our glaciers posing threat to our coastal areas, endangering wildlife, depletion of ozone due to increase in Chlorofluoro Carbons , etc. 

Since world is not build in a day, we have no second chance to restore it back to the normal but we can reduce the damage and help its further increase. Reducing carbon footprints i.e. the emission of carbon dioxide gas in to the atmosphere should be our first priority this can be done by using more public transport which are using green fuels or emitting less pollution. Industries which produce more pollution should modernize to decrease it. Cars on road should be reduced so are things which are responsible for damaging the environment. We must plant more and more trees because there is no better way to do your bit to save the environment than to plant trees. They not only gives us life running Oxygen but also cool the atmosphere. It is also an integral part of water cycle responsible for bringing rain which is the main source of drinking water. Using water wisely, saving the consumption or power, generation more power through renewable sources of energy, protecting wildlife and many more such measures should be adopted by all of us to save the environment.

Sadly we are dealing with many other problems to think about environment first but we can make it our priority to select the law makers who are concerned with protecting the environment so that they can get chance to work towards that field. This is just a small article as a reminder of our duties towards our world and environment you can read many things more offline and online to plan your role for the environment. Till next post God bless the world

RIP Favorite Mother of Bollywood : Reema Lagoo

RIP Favorite Mother of Bollywood : Reema Lagoo

Reema Lagoo along with Farida Jalaal is among the most favorite mother of Bollywood in 90's and early 2000's. Reema Lagoo breathed her last today on 18th May 2017 after a cardiac arrest. She was only 59 and free from any major illness at the time of her death which makes this news more shocking to her fans. She was equally famous in films,television and Marathi theater. I have heard that she remained associated with Marathi film industry, theater also during her working days and was an appreciated name in that industry. 

I remembered her from the days of Tu Tu Main Main where she played Mother-in-law (saas) of Supriya Pilgaonkar and Shrimaan Shrimati where she was a middle class housewife. In both of these comic roles she was superb in her timing and dialogue delivery. As a character actor in Bollywood movies she played mother to almost all superstars of today and has worked with many top directors,actors and productions. Her role as Salman Khan's mother in Maine Pyaar Liya, Hum Saath Saath Hain, Judwaa as Madhuri Dikshit's mother in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Juhi Chawala's mother in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Shah Rukh Khan's mother in Kal Ho Na Ho, Urmila Matondkar's mother in Rangeela, Saif Ali Khan & Akshay Kumar's mother in Yeh Dillagi , Sanjay Dutt's mother in Vaastav, etc are much appreciated role of her. My favorite among these is her character of Sanjay Dutt's mother in Vaastav where she killed her own son to get him rid of his sins.

People come and go in this film industry as a natural law but few left their impressions even without being a lead actor and she was that kind of personality in Hindi movies. With charm on her face and her simplicity #ReemaLagoo used to capture the audience attention even being a character actor. People can relate her with the mothers of that time. She has created a void in both television and film industry which will always remind us of her absence but as they say 'Show Must Go On.' Good bye for now. Rest In Peace Reema Lagoo