Book Review - Is It Maya?

Book Review - Is It Maya?

Is It Maya? By Saikat Baksi is a crime thriller which is inspired by a real life event. The book is published by Frog Books of Leadstart Corp. I have received this book from Readers Cosmos as part of their Book Review Program.

Cover: Cover is covered with hint of crime and a women face probably depicting Maya the protagonist in the novel. It creates excitement which is much necessary to create thrill about this book.

Plot: Maya Mukhija a media tycoon and wife of another high profile personality David Mukhija is arrested by Mumbai Police for the murder of her sister whom police believed to be her daughter Veena. The high profile case was dealt by commissioner himself. Vivek a senior journalist who secretly love Maya from the childhood also interested in the case and believes that Maya is not the killer. Police on the other hand has received photographs of Maya disposing of Veena's body in the Raigarh forest. Emails which were send by Veena after her death also emerged from Maya's computer, she was also appeared to hate her relation with Ritvik son of David from his first marriage. All evidences pointed towards her. Her mysterious life history was also against her. Will police find more evidence to convict her? Will Vivek able to save her as he did previously for her without her knowledge? The plot full of twists and turns leads to a shocking climax.

Highs: The theme inspired by real life events which are still fresh in readers mind make it a worth read. Author has beautifully weaved the plot taking that event in mind and giving it a believable climax. Narration is also interesting and with right pace. The twists and turns in the plot always keeps you at the edge of your seat and made this an unputdownable read. 

Lows: There is nothing to called as low but I feel flashbacks at some points stall pacy narrative and the fact that it is inspired from real life make it non-original plot.

Verdict: If you are fan of crime thrillers then you can't miss this one. It is how crime fictions should be written. 

Rating: I would give it 4/5. 

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

The result of the assembly seats of five states i.e Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Punjab and Goa stood at 2 – 3 where Modi’s BJP won Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand with a humongous majority while Congress clean sweeps Punjab and has an edge in both Goa & Manipur which indicates they are likely to form government there. In Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand there is clear advantage Narender Modi as he single handily lead the campaign and sidelined every opposition. Congress – Samajwadi Party alliance against Narendra Modi’s Bhartiya Janata Party failed miserably even though his speeches, his actions were labeled by the opposition as ways of polarizing the people of the state. 

Punjab witnessed victory of Capatain Amrinder Singh more than the Congress party who’s Vice President Rahul Gandhi was initially against fielding him as the Chief Minister. In Manipur Congress’s Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh succeeded in securing his fourth term as the chief minister. Irom Sharmila lost to him pathetically. The lady who gave all his life to the cause of the people can’t secure even hundred votes. The surprise in Manipur is the tremendous debut of BJP which won twenty one seats. Uttarakhand also gave clear majority to BJP, even the rebel MLA’s didn’t post any threat to the party there. Aam Aadmi Party performed poorly both in Goa and Punjab. In Goa it didn’t even open its account and there Punjab performance was poor than in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. 

These elections have some teachings not only for the people who lost and won but for all of us. I have tried to include them in this list: 

  • Never order DJ and sweets believing on Exit polls. If AAP has Prevented Early Excitement they would have save themselves from embarrassment in public and media. 
  • Victory is important and not the way how you have earned it. We have learned all our lives that it is important to play fairly than to win by wrong means but Prime Minister Modi proved it wrong. His Shamshaan-Kabristaan remark was purely communal, without permit road show in Varanasi was also wrong so is the conduct of some of his party people (Kasab remark) to polarize the election. But in the end they won and these issues didn't matter now. 
  • Live your own life that's what we learn from the struggle and failure of Irom Sharmila. The iron lady of Manipur who was on the longest hunger strike to protest against brutalities of AFSPA even when she has wished to have a family live. She didn't even secure more than 90 votes. She wanted to work for her people but what she has earned is discouraging for her. NOTA votes were higher than her votes. 
  •  Listen to everyone before making your opinion. If Rahul Gandhi would not settle on Amrinder Singh the party wouldn't have won the elections. 
  • Young is through attitude and not through age. Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav who were projecting them as young leaders failed to perform against dynamic,energetic Narender Modi
  • Laugh on other's pain. That is the biggest lesson of this elections. When everybody believed that demonetization which has affected farmers, laborers, small businesses badly would have negative effect on election results instead becomes fruitful for BJP because poor was happy to face its pain because those who have money are in trouble. Strange thinking isn't it?
  • Grapes are sour. Mayawati's claims after defeat that EVMs were tempered without proof establish this saying again.
Elections will come and teach us something always. This is the flavor of democracy that somebody wins and somebody loses. I hope those who are forming government do good for the people and the country. Till next post God Bless India

Book Review - One Indian Girl

Book Review - One Indian Girl

One Indian Girl is written by the most famous English Indian writer of India Chetan Bhagat. It is published by Rupa Publications. He has written this book from a girl's perspective and give us an inside into the Indian society's psyche. 

Cover: Girl in wedding attire on the cover gives the hint of the setting of the book i.e Radhika's (protagonist) wedding. The city landscape at the cover edge and beach setting with couples holding hands gives us the glimpse of her life moments as told in this book. It is a simple nice cover. 

Plot: Radhika is present with her family in Goa for her destination wedding waiting for groom's family to come. Brijesh Gulati is the groom whom she has met through a matrimonial site. During her wedding preparations she received call from Debu her ex-boyfriend from New York days who wanted to come to Goa to rectify his mistakes and marry her. Neel whom she dated in Hong Kong also called her with the similar intentions. Both of them arrived at her wedding and request to leave the marriage and marry her. She remembers her life in last four years in flashbacks and what happened to these relations. Meanwhile she is also bonding with Brijesh. She was confused about her decision. Her life is puzzled between these three men in her life. What has happened to her relations? Whom she marry? What she finally decides? All these questions are answered in this book filled with Indian masalas

Hits: The theme to tell a tale through a girl's perspective by a male writer is interesting and I must say he has done a good job as far as presentation is concerned. He writes in easy and familiar language which always make his books easy to read. The characters are like-able many of whom you can recognize from your surroundings. It's an easy to appeal to the audience book.

Misses: Predictability makes this book uninteresting to me. From the start it was easy to guess what coming up next and the climax is also dull. Since his book is turning into movies his writing is becoming film friendly or easy to adept in a film. I noticed influence of many Hindi movies like Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, Wedding Pulao, etc. His characters also looked like coming out from Imtiaz Ali movies. Interesting but not exciting. 

Verdict: It's a one time read you can use to pass your time. 

Rating: I would give it 2/5

Hate the Hate

Hate the Hate

'Hate the Hate or It Will Destroy the Entire Race'

The business of hate is prevailing around the world and we may understand it in few years time but until then it will be too late for some to come back to love. I am not saying it because three Indians killed recently in USA due to hate crimes where killers said them to ‘Go Back To Your Countries’ after ban on immigrants of certain nation is imposed by President Donald Trump but because such crimes are rampant in all parts of the world. 

Be it atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Burma, common Syrians in Syria, Immigrants and Black killings in USA and Europe, Hindu killings in Bangladesh, Americans killing in many Middle eastern countries, attacks and killings on North-East Indian, minorities, Dalits and Muslims in India. These all are due to hate. These crimes has arose from teaching people that one is better than the other and that other don’t belong to us who are better. Weather it is for people of some color, religion, region or for people who eat differently, who behave differently, who look different from us and who are not the same like majority. These people or organizations play victim card that their existence is threatened by some people and if those people/religion must not be stopped than it perish them. If such things happening they highlight it many folds and if nothing of that sort is available they will create situation for their benefits. 

The danger of this situation is a divided world and divided humanity. We see the pains of few and neglect the sufferings of others. We inculcate in this way a habit of hatred and hatred will never give rise to love it will only open gates for more hatred which then will not see the color/religion/region of the victim at the time of attack. The people who can hate easily can hate anybody and not the others created by them. What Donald Trump has started is ongoing in India and many parts of the world for years and since there were not many strong voices against them it has increased to such an extent. With President of one of the biggest country in the world is endorsing it this is spreading like an epidemic now. 

The people of America has condemned such hatred since the time Donald Trump used it in his presidential campaign but his win suggests that majority supports this idea. Similar victories are happening and have happened in last few years in many parts of the world. The growing unemployment has given a proper breeding ground for spread of this decease. The growth models are not people centric which are worsening the situation further. The only solution is Love and compassion for each other. It’s time we promote Universal Brotherhood and Humanity to save the world from this disease. God Bless the World. 

Kerala Killings

Kerala Killings 

Kerala has become the battleground for Left and Right ideology. While the people there believe in left and also has voted it to power several times the right wing party BJP is also trying to stretch its feet to that part of the country as well. RSS the parent body of BJP is working in that direction for so many years and Prime Minister Narender Modi also trying hard to make his party’s presence felt in this area as he was doing in the North-East region of the country. 

I don’t have the problems with anybody trying to influence the people there for their political gains but I have problems with the ongoing killings of people attached to or working for these ideologies. I don’t know the ground realities of Kerala but what I have understood from newspaper reports and TV coverage of that area I can say that Kerala government for over the years has failed in maintaining law and order in many parts of the state. Either a BJP/RSS man killed by Left thinkers or the CPI/CPM member killed by Right thinkers and in both the scenarios local people were forced to live in the atmosphere of fear.  Those involved in this crimes are either escaped or if arrested didn’t receive serious punishments on time. 

It is the duty of government to ensure law and order in the state. Not a single political death should occur in the state. Both the parties should resolve their differences peacefully in a democratic manner. These killings used by these parties (mostly by BJP) to spread hatred in other parts of the country should also be stopped and for that police must act swiftly. The correct facts should also be made public by the police because many killings which are for personal enmity also used to spread propaganda against each other nationwide. We are a democratic country where every ideology should be respected unless it don’t create rift in the society. The workers and the followers take care that they don’t become the pawn in the hands of their leaders for their political motives. 

I hope Kerala government impartially investigate all killings to give justice to the victims as quickly as possible and preventive measures should be taken for stop such crimes in the future. Let god’s own country a peaceful place. God Bless Kerala. God Bless India. 

Anti National Again

Anti National Again

Last year around this time of the year started the anti-national debate after an alleged anti India sloganeering in Jawahar Lal University campus. This time ABVP resorted to violence in Ramjas College of Delhi University when in an event they invited JNU student Umar Khalid who was accused of sedation in last year’s JNU row. ABVP student hurled stones at AISA and other students who were participating in the event. Delhi police instead of dispersing stone pelting ABVP students put off the event and asked them to run away. The incident again set the stage for anti national debate and it should be noted that Bihar assembly elections were taking place last year and UP elections now. 

Nobody knows what happens to last year’s allegations and arrests. They just became the tool of political gimmick and gave lots of ‘masala’ to prime time news channels who become judges themselves to hear the case and announce the punishment. Universities I think should be open for all kind of debates and discussions. Students should reserve right to condemn or critique different views but they must not curb any voices through threats and violence. What ABVP has done is nothing new in last three years since BJP is in government. They are disturbing universities decorum in Hyderabad, Bhopal, Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi (JNU & DU). 

The slogans are only raised and violence attempted only for a period of time and after that neither the ABVP nor the party leaders like Kirin Rijiju, Ravi Shankar Prasad, etc spoke over this issue. These incidents which are orchestrated for political motives are creating a rift in the society and decreasing the mutual trust between different people, who worship differently, think differently, eat differently or support different party or ideology. The nationalism they say belongs to whoever adhered to their ideology and identify with them and all other are traitors. They label them anti-national. 

They may gain political benefits from them but that will gave the idea of India a permanent injury which can’t be repaired. This modern day divide and rule will further give rise to the forces which once divided the nation into two parts pain of which has shattered many people for always. I appeal that think about the nation before thinking about your religion, region or ideology because that is what important for all of us. Till next post God Bless India. 

Book Review: The ABC Murders

Book Review: The ABC Murders

The ABC Murders is written by Agatha Christie and is published by Harper Collins India. This is my fifth Agatha Christie novel. I have bought this one from the Its a serial killer mystery and from one of the cases of detective Hercule Poirot.

Cover and Plot: The cover is simple giving hint of murders with marks of gun shots on alphabets ABC and blood spots on the cover page. 
Hercule Poirot received a printed letter challenging him to stop the murder at Andover on 21st of that month. Poirot informed the police but didn't take this letter seriously thinking it as a hoax. But murder did happen in Andover of Mrs Ascher. Police arrested her husband for the murder but Poirot believed it was done by someone else someone who has send him the letter. His doubt confirmed when he received another letter warning him of killing at Bexhill on sea on 25th. In spite police arrangements a girl named Betty Barnand was strangulated at the beach. Poirot and police again failed to track the murderer and then the third letter came and third murder happened of Carmichael Clarke in Cruston. Poirot observed that killer is killing alphabetically and leaving ABC railway guide at the murder scene but not any connection among his victims.
Hastings suggested to call those associated with the victims to form a group to discuss these murders to point out any similarities or clue which they have missed earlier. Police on the other hand found another murder at Doncaster but here the ABC sequence broke as the one who killed has name different from alphabet D. Someone also spotted the murderer which gave police clue about his identity. Will he was caught at this time? Was he the murderer? Did Hercule Poirot has something else in mind? The great detective deduction reveals a thrilling climax. 

Review: The narrative was not as impressive as I have found in other Agatha Christie thrillers. I felt the pace reduced at many points. But the story was interesting and gripping. All murders were unconnected which made it difficult to guess the motive of the murderer which keep you hooked till the end. Suddenly a dull thriller came alive during the climax when Poirot revealed his deductions which startled everyone. 

Verdict: Another Unputdownable thriller from Agatha Christie.

Rating: I would give it 3/5